Recruit A Marketer

Recruit A Marketer

Recruiting a Marketing Professional

What we do

Marketing Eye has for 15 years been in a position where we have had to recruit marketing professionals. We have seen successes and failures and everything in between. In this new era, it is important that you choose wisely, and this is something we believe we can help you achieve.

Psychological profiling

365bet注册网址Forget the standard psychological profiling. We have taken this to a new level profiling against personality, culture-fit and values. Our in-depth psychological profiling will ensure that you have the right person for the role, that your organisation will get the best out of, and they too will add value to your team.

Skill testing

365bet注册网址Marketing Eye has online skill testing for marketing professionals. Over the years we have realised that we don't know if a marketing professional can do the things they say they can do until they start. So, if they are serious about working for your company and believe they have skills to bring to the table - bring it on!

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Jobs we recruit for

Chief Marketing Officer, Senior Marketing Manager, Marketing Director, Marketing Executive, Marketing Coach, Marketing Co-ordinator, Marketing Assistant, Public Relations Manager, Public Relations Executive, Marketing Strategy Professional.


We serve some of the world's newest start-ups and most recognisable brands. Our clients tend to be forward thinking organisations that want to get the best out of their talent, and encourage work, life balance.

Structured approach

365bet注册网址We have a structured approach to hiring a marketing or public relations professional. There is an intensive hiring process that ensures your company is the right fit for them, and they are the right fit for you. In the interim, if you need someone to fill the gap and ensure that best-practices are implemented, we have people for that too.

Talent resource company

Marketing Eye Recruitment resource division connects world-class marketing and martech talent with brands, marketing and technology departments. We place thoroughly vetted talent into start-ups, marketing agencies, small and medium-sized businesses, and large corporations in Australia and US.


365bet注册网址To hire a marketing professional across multiple levels requires people that have been in their shoes and yours. That is what we offer that is different from our competitors. Marketing Assistants start at $4,000, Marketing Executives start at $6,000, and Marketing Managers at $12,000.